November 28th, 2012

Signed books, and where to find them

Now that An Inheritance of Ashes is hitting shelves, it’s the return of the Signed Books Post!

While I’ve been tweeting where to find signed copies of Above as I nose in and out of bookstores, it’s occurred to me that having a consistent list might be helpful to people who like their books signed by the author!  So in that spirit, the signed books post.  This list will grow the more I travel about, and should generally be current!

If you’ve been to a location below and found they’re out of signed copies, please let me know — I’ll take it off the list!



Bakka-Phoenix Books, 84 Harbord St.

Mabel’s Fables, 662 Mt. Pleasant Rd.


New York State

New York City

The Scholastic Store, 557 Broadway

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