October 18th, 2013

A poetry publication!

“On Living Authors,” my first poetry publication in a long time, is out in the Fall 2013 issue of Goblin Fruit today — as part of a table of contents that’s frankly stunning.

Mike Allen has a whole poetry cycle featured, and there’s really thought-provoking, gorgeous work from Liz Bourke, Samantha Henderson, Sonya Taaffe (always!) and Beth Langford. If you’re a poetry reader and not already reading Goblin Fruit, I really suggest you do. It’s constantly fantastic.

June 12th, 2012

A poetry publication!

I do write poetry.  Not a lot of it, and I don’t submit it often either.  But for the first time in a long time, I have a poem out this week.

“Hold Fast”, which is a Tam Lin poem with copious swears, is in the current issue of Strange Horizons.  Enjoy!

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