Haircut!Leah Bobet drinks tea, wears feathers in her hair, and plants gardens in back alleys. She lives in Toronto, Ontario in a house full of artists who make lots of puns, but they also bake, so it’s okay.

Last Tweets

  • So tired the bags under my eyes have carryons, but two of the best people I know have a wedding date & everything just turned into YESSS. :),
  • I was away from it for four years and missed it SO BAD. :),
  • Yup. And I suspect that type is so aggressive precisely because there's nothing. It's easier to have, well, some substance.,
  • Courage is standing up and taking the consequences, because you feel the decision was worth them. Only playing when you win ain't courage.,
  • An observation, from both work & politics today: Amazing how many aggressive sorts placate & back down when suddenly, a consequence arrives.,


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