School and Library Presentations

In short: I love school and library presentations. I’ve done talks and workshops at the Toronto Public Library, Ottawa Public Library, Essa Public Library, Tucson Festival of Books, Houston Writefest, Word on the Street, London Book Camp, and in schools across Ontario and New York State.

I’ve also run workshops for adult aspiring writers, on topics ranging from how to write an effective grant application to writing diversity well to the best way to tackle an editorial rewrite request.

I’m happy to discuss visiting classrooms, libraries, or writing groups in person or via Skype.

Within Canada, I’m affiliated with Authors’ Booking Service, with presentations, rates, times, and more listed there.

For schools and libraries outside travel distance or outside Canada, I’m affiliated with the Skype an Author Network, and have presentations, rates, and times listed there.

Last Tweets

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  • *nodnod* Gotcha.,


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