April 2nd, 2012

Oh look. New website!

So, thanks to the Herculean efforts of web designer Stuart Lawler and illustrator Maral Agnerian, I have a new website.  New website!  Feast your eyes upon its glory!

I’ll be populating everything over the next few days, so if there’s anything that’s not here yet, well, it’s just not here yet.

Happy viewing!

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  • It's pretty easy to use without the code. I just like toys. >.> But yah, I can totally help with that if you need.,
  • Good resources everywhere, but lemme know if you want playtesting/tech support. I've gotten decently into the macros/CSS end.,
  • It's a really handy tool -- you can do a hell of a lot with it if you think outside the box, actually. So: could totally work!,
  • Yes that thing. :D,
  • Actually I get the feeling you might get a kick out of Twine.,


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