An Inheritance of Ashes

An Inheritance of Ashes by Leah Bobet

Six months ago, the men of the lakelands marched south to fight a dark god. Weeks after the final battle was won, sixteen-year-old Hallie and her sister, Marthe, are still struggling to maintain their family farm—and waiting for Marthe’s missing husband to return. After a summer of bitter arguments, Hallie is determined to get Roadstead Farm through the winter—and keep what’s left of her family together despite an inheritance destined to drive them apart.

But when Hallie hires a wandering veteran in a bid to save the farm, every phantom the men marched south to fight arrives at her front gate. Spider-eyed birds circle the fields, ghostly messages write themselves on the riverbank, and soon Hallie finds herself keeping her new hired hand’s desperate secrets—and taking dangerous risks… More about An Inheritance of Ashes

About Leah

I’m a Canadian writer of literary science fiction and fantasy with a love for mythic prose and an obsession with the secret hearts of cities. News, upcoming appearances, miscellany, and the day-to-day writerish life, all here.